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What circuit are you in: Nesba
What is your favorite piece of equpitment: Rifle, even though I suck
Favorite color flag: The winter ones, they were all gorgeous. I also liked the ones that we used for the Quincy Parade. Mrs. Danahey is much appreciated.
Favorite toss: uh…That one from the winter season. Or a peggy, even though I’m not that good at them.
Favorite toss on a rifle: triple. But it’s a rarity I can do them.
Sabre: I’m not really awesome on sabre, I can toss but I have no technique at all.
What is your favorite color guard: Sacred Heart. Woo yeah Vanessa and Katie!
On a scale from 1-10 what do you think your performance level is (10 being guard): 5. I’ll get better thought! I have confidence!
What do you think you need to work on the most: sabre
Can you be graceful: sure!
If your show is dramatic do you cry: my show’s haven’t been too dramatic. But maybe this year cause it’s Les Mis.
Do you always smile when your supposed to: Yeah! I love smiling!
Can you pick up work from another guard just by watching: yeah sometimes, if it’s easy work
When you hear someone with YOUR winter guard song what do you do: it’s never happened.
Are you a leader: winter guard captain
Can you teach: not anything besides basics
Have you ever taught a whole color guard: nope
Could you handle a world ind guard: nope, but maybe when I get out of high school
Do you like your instructors: They rock my socks off
Do you spin allllll the time: I practice all the time
If you got to choose your winter guard song what would you choose: Tiny Dancer by Elton John or Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
Marching season or winter season: winter of course, but marching is fun too because outside of band I have like 3 friends
Would you march Drum corp: If I had more experience
Are you a good dancer: I’m okay, but I try to practice a lot so I can get better.
If your color guard had the gym for 12 hours on a Sunday with a competition on Monday, would you want a 12 hour practice: I think we would probably break for 2 hours
Is colorguard your passion or do you just like the sport: absolute passion.
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