SteF♥ (frickah_) wrote in whs_guard,

What circuit are you in: i was is nizesba (ghetto nesba) but I retired from the High School CG. Sad.
What is your favorite piece of equpitment: rifle
Favorite color flag: the pink one marc used in the winter season. And my blue one.
Favorite toss: arial. :)
Favorite toss on a rifle: i love doing singles and double cause i know im doing them exactly right. but triples are also a good time.
Sabre: doubleee
What is your favorite color guard: I like everett cause they have unique shows.
On a scale from 1-10 what do you think your performance level is (10 being guard): 7 ish. mayeb 8??
What do you think you need to work on the most: rifle work. need ot learn more.
Can you be graceful: when i feel like it I guess.
If your show is dramatic do you cry: I cried when the show was Chicago okay!?
Do you always smile when your supposed to: i smile likes its my job at shows but i feel like an ass smiling at practices.
Can you pick up work from another guard just by watching: Hmmm maybe.
When you hear someone with YOUR winter guard song what do you do: stab them with a sabre. Wait no...:)
Are you a leader: I was :(
Can you teach: I sure can
Have you ever taught a whole color guard: I sure did. Numerous times.
Could you handle a world ind guard: i want to.
Do you like your instructors: i miss nessy and katie
Do you spin allllll the time: i have been lately. i do miss it
If you got to choose your winter guard song what would you choose: Alien Ant Farm, Smooth Criminal
Would you march Drum corp: never
Are you a good dancer: i can dance...but not the way vanessa wants us to
If your color guard had the gym for 12 hours on a Sunday with a competition on Monday, would you want a 12 hour practice: i would. but with numerous 20 min. breaks and a long lunch break.
Is colorguard your passion or do you just like the sport: passion.
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