Shmapey (jcgirlie422) wrote in whs_guard,

ello ppl!
we can't let this community die.. so anywho.. yeah bandcamp that was awesome!! who agrees?.. and congrats to everyone for makin it! And this show's gonna be awesoem!! c'mon guy we get to dance on tables( well most likely not me).. but c'mon dancin w/ pots and aweosme is that! And oru first show sept. 25th.. that shoudl be some fun stufff. .. we'll actually have a completed show for our first show!! and v doesn't have to write work on the day of it! So i woudl liek everyone to say what their favorite part of bandcamp was. I loved when we met lennie cuz he's awesoem and i <3 him! hwo botu u guys?
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