SteF♥ (frickah_) wrote in whs_guard,

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I just heard about your show!

3rd out of 5! You guys rock!

Im so proud of you guys. Keep up the great work and look fro me cheering for ya at Weymouth Day!
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aww yay fricker still loves us.. we miss u dearly tho!.... i vote this season be dedicated to all eth seniors that graduated.... and 76.8!! woot woot!!! and we got 2nd for guard! it was so exciting!!!!! and thanks for teh loe and support steph! we miss u!!!
yay stephanie ^^ we all wish you were here, when we did the retreat i almost said, hey, wheres stephanie and michael, and then i realized that your all grown up and in college T____T i <3 my older sister!
That almost made me shed a tear. <3 <3 <3